The NEER has already executed many Applied Research and Implementation Projects. Timeliness and satisfaction of clients are the essence of the consultancy philosophy of this organization. We work on NO-COMPROMISE POLICY with respect to water and the Environment. Our team members have carried out studies on Environment and Water Management throughout the country and abroad.

Neer water crisis

NEER has carried out an intensive study to assess Groundwater Quality in and around two distilleries in Punjab. NEER has also planned the groundwater rejuvenation plan to improve the groundwater quality for these distilleries. The industry had also assigned us to implement the rejuvenation, which had been implemented successfully. The post-implementation monitoring has shown significant improvement in groundwater quality and the remediation plan has been successful.

Simultaneously, the NEER provides technical consultancy to different Firms, Companies – private and public sector, Institutions, and Government Departments on the Assessment and Management of Water, Environment, and Pollution Control.

The Research and consultancy assignments are being carried out by experts in different fields with long and wide-ranging experience. The NEER is also drawing on the expertise in relevant subject matters from the experts of academic and research institutions of National and International repute.