About PWRDA – 

The Punjab Water Regulation and Development Authority aims to manage and regulate water usage in the state so as to achieve sustainable management of groundwater balanced with the requirements of the livelihoods of people in the State.

The conservation of water is to be mandated for all users of groundwater by encouraging them to undertake, at their own cost, water conservation measures that will help to achieve the set target for conservation for each zone in the State.

In case the Water Users are not able to execute water conservation measures to meet their target, then they shall not be given the water credits to that extent, and they shall be liable to pay this amount to the Authority as part of their groundwater usage charges. A portion of the Groundwater Charges received will be utilized by the Authority for implementing Water Conservation Schemes to be framed by the Government and executed by the concerned Departments or Public Agencies nominated by Government. 

Objectives of PWRDA- 

The objective shall be to ensure exemplary water conservation to meet the targets set for each user in the State.

Guidelines of PWRDA

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