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NEER has been established as an Independent Ground Water Management Consultancy Organization with the full support of the Senior Hydro-geologist of the country Mr. M. MEHTA, Ex-Commissioner Ground Water, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India.

NEER is an Accredited Consultant by the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) for the preparation of Ground Water withdrawal Impact Assessment report in accordance with the Guidelines issued vide notification No. 3289(E) dt: 24th September 2020 by CGWA duly followed by other States. NEER is also empaneled, registered and notified Consultant for Rainwater Harvesting designing and implementation by the U.P. government.


NEER has joined in this endeavor to provide clean water to masses around the year, propagating for conservation and preservation of water including Rainwater Harvesting and Artificial Recharge to groundwater. This is being a part of the water management process to fulfill the dreams of NEER, “Water should be Conserved and Wastage Prevented” and “Everybody should get the needed water being the crux of Life”.


NEER is working in the field of groundwater management, intending to provide robust consultancy services to Government Departments, Firms, Companies – Private and Public Sector, Institutions, on the Assessment and Management of Water, Environment, and Pollution Control.) Industries, Infrastructures and Mining Projects to meet their water supply requirements as per existing protocols. It also aims at capacity building of stakeholders in Groundwater Investigations and its Management.

We work on NO-COMPROMISE POLICY. Our team members have conducted studies on Environment and Water Management throughout the country and abroad.

NEER has already executed many applied Research and Implementation Projects. Timeliness and Client satisfaction are the essences of this organization’s consultancy philosophy. 


NEER has multi-disciplinary human resources for providing on-site solutions for all groundwater problems. It includes training on Groundwater issues through a well-developed curriculum by Scientists and Trainers.

The Research and Consultancy assignments are being carried out by experts in different fields with long and wide-ranging experience. NEER is also drawing on the expertise in relevant subject matters from the experts of Academic and Research Institutions of National and International repute.

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This is the endeavor of NEER to consolidate its position as a member of the Think Tank community and concentrate on the challenges and opportunities for National Development. 

In this context, the following activities are included in its future plans: 

  • Intensifying joint collaborative programs with major institutions focusing on research studies, interchange of research output/ information and exchange of scholars.
  • We are organizing multi-disciplinary regional forums and centers to attack the bottlenecks and hindrances in the national waterfront development. 
  • Expansion of activities of NEER in the field of environment, groundwater rejuvenation and evaluation studies.
  • Enhancing awareness among the public and industrial and other entrepreneurs in particular on water issues involved in their economic and productive activities.


The devoted founder of NEER, Mr. Deepak Jain, with experience of 34 years, can provide guidance and prepare Master plans for Cities, Towns, Villages, Industrial belts, etc. NEER under the guidance of Mr. Deepak Jain has already offered its guidance and expertise in this field to a various wide range of types of industries, IT parks, Group housing societies, farmhouses, schools, towns & cities, and towns.

NEER has conducted an intensive study to assess Groundwater Quality in and around two distilleries in Punjab and also planned the Groundwater Rejuvenation plan to improve the Groundwater quality for these distilleries. The industry had also assigned us to implement the Rejuvenation, which had been implemented successfully. The post-implementation monitoring has shown significant improvement in Groundwater quality and the remediation plan has been successful.


  • NOC for Groundwater withdrawal- To Provide consultancy to Industries, Infrastructures, and Mining Projects for getting NOC for Groundwater withdrawal from the CGWA/ HWRA and other State specific.
  • Designing and Implementation of RWH systems- Accordance to site-specific parameters of the project.
  • Preparation of Impact Assessment Reports– NEER is an accredited consultant by CGWA for the preparation of groundwater withdrawal Impact Assessment Reports for the eligible/liable Existing / Proposed projects.
  • Impact Assessment Report of Hydrogeological Conditions in Mining Projects.
  • Geo-logical & Hydro-geological surveys.



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