In 1975, a separate department was established for the planned use, management, research, and exploration of groundwater sources in Uttar Pradesh which later in the year 1983 was renamed to ‘Ground Water Department’.

The main objective for establishing this department is to issue guidelines for research, management, and planning related to Ground Water Resources in the state and conduct study, assessment, planning, and development programs for Ground Water.

UPGWD issued its guidelines for issuance of Ground water withdrawal NOC dated 20th September 2020.


  • To ensure regulated exploitation and optimum & judicious use of ground resources.
  • To initiate a National program of aquifer mapping and aquifer-based management in the state in a planned way for overall groundwater management.
  • To implement a groundwater recharge program on a large scale in an integrated manner and to bring over-exploited/critical blocks into the safe category in a time-bound manner.
  • To effectively implement conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater.
  • To promote efficient methods of water use in stressed areas.
  • To prioritize the river basin/watershed approach in groundwater management planning and conservation.
  • To identify polluted groundwater areas to ensure safe drinking water supplies.
  • To implement groundwater conservation and recharging programs by the concerned departments through a participatory management approach in a coordinated and integrated manner.
  • To make provisions of effective legal structures for groundwater management.

UPGWD Guidelines

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