Ground Water Consultants

Water Consultant Service is a conglomerate of experts having multi-disciplinary experience in groundwater investigations, development, and management. It includes hydrogeological, hydrological, chemical, and geophysical studies.

Ground Water Consultant Service is working in groundwater to provide consultancy services to government departments, industries, infrastructure, and mining projects to meet their water supply requirements as per existing protocols. It also aims at capacity building of stakeholders in groundwater investigations and its management.


It has a multi-disciplinary workforce for providing on-site solutions for all groundwater problems, the election of the site(s) for tube wells, artificial recharge and rainwater harvesting, identification of groundwater pollution and its sources, etc. It provides support for filing applications for NOC for groundwater withdrawal and their renewal from Central Ground Water Authority and State Ground Water Authorities. It includes training on groundwater issues through a well-developed curriculum by scientists and trainers.

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