Groundwater is among the Nation’s most precious natural resources. Measurements of water levels in wells provide the most fundamental indicator of the status of this resource. They are critical to meaningful evaluations of the quantity and quality of groundwater and its interaction with surface water.


Piezometer is a data logger and submersible pressure transducer combination designed to monitor and record water level or pore pressure data remotely. The sensor is lowered into the well on a reinforced cable and submerged below the water. Once in place, the initial water pressure reading is synced with the current water level. The unit then monitors the water pressure for changes, and the pressure difference is converted to a change in water level. The entire team is hermetically sealed to prevent moisture from entering the instrument’s circuitry. The tool comes along with built-in memory and GPRS-enabled web telemetry for remote data communication. Optional rechargeable batteries and solar panels are also available for uninterrupted power, even in remote places.

Piezometer is used for measuring water levels in bore wells, dams, open channels, and lakes.